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Thank you for purchasing SUNWAYMAN flashlight, gives us the opportunity to serve you. We will do our best to make your portable lighting with greater ease, allowing you to enjoy

SUNWAYMAN superior performance and excellent quality of the flashlight bring you reliable and fun lighting experience!

SUNWAYMAN customer service channels, SUNWAYMAN customer service hotline, SUNWAYMAN customer service staff will provide you with professional, full range of services!

We know that your satisfaction is the goal of our customer service, we will continue our efforts to make every contact force between you and SUNWAYMAN, have value will be a happy

It was memorable memories!

SUNWAYMAN flashlight warranty as follows:

1, 15 warranty limited warranty

From the date of sale SUNWAYMAN flashlight 15 days, under normal use, the product quality problems, you can choose to repair or replace the same model with the specifications of new products;

As model with the specifications of the product to stop production or for other reasons can not schedule a replacement to you within a reasonable time, the exchange is not less than the original product performance with the brand name products;

2,24 months warranty

From the date of sale within 24 months SUNWAYMAN flashlight you under normal use, the product quality problems, then enjoy free maintenance service;

3, limited lifetime maintenance

SUNWAYMAN company will provide you with a limited lifetime maintenance services, namely more than 24 months after your warranty period free flashlight, flashlight fault occurs, for SUNWAYMAN

You paid for life maintenance and warranty, the cost of the actual replacement cost of materials subject to no extra charge labor costs;

4, online registration, extended warranty

SUNWAYMAN recommends that you post to the website customer service channels WWW.SUNWAYMAN.COM flashlight registered each unique product code, registration is successful you will be Free

Receive free charge warranty period of six months, that is, free warranty period of your flashlight up to 30 months;

5, please contact your dealer when buying

& Nbsp; with SUNWAYMAN "warranty card" when your warranty, invoice or receipt or shopping online shopping dealers and dealer sales documents, provided by the dealer after-sales service for you,

SUNWAYMAN dealer service support;

6, freight

We strongly advise clients to your local dealer to buy our products, while local distribution will be happy to provide you with first-class service.

In order to ensure the interests of dealers, we will not buy products local dealers to provide direct service, but return the product to our shipping costs be borne by the customer.

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