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OperationSUNWAYMAN T20CC 说明书.docx

1. There are 4 constant output modes, 3 hidden modes, one moon mode as well as 3 color outputs.

2. Depressing the tail switch to turn on the light, with the slider switch at the lower end, the light is under color output mode, the upper end the Turbo constant output mode.

a. When under constant mode, click the head switch button once for one mode, which cycles through Low-Mid-High-Turbo. The light goes to High automatically after 3 mins at Turbo.

Double-click the head switch button to enter hidden modes and it comes at Strobe, hold the switch to cycle through Strobe-SOS-Aviation Signal. A single or double-click will enter constant output modes.

When under constant output mode, hold the switch to enter moon mode, and another depress and hold will enter Low mode.

b. Moving the slider switch to the lower end, it enters color mode, click the head button to cycle through green-UV light-red and moving the slider back upwards, it resumes constant output mode.

3. Charging: Depress the tail switch and plug in the USB cable to charge the light, the red light will be on and the main white light does not work; when it’s fully charged, the indicator lamp will be green, and the light can be turned on only when the USB cable is cut-out.

4.  Low-voltage Protection

When inserting battery, the indicator lamp will flash to indicate the voltage tested, when it’s between 3-4V, it flashes 3 times.

When the voltage lowers to 3V, the indicator lamp will be turned on constantly to indicate it’s low voltage.

When uses 4.2V battery and the voltage lowers to 2.8V, the indicator lamp flickers and the white light flashes 5 times and then turn off.




  CREE XM-L2 U3 LED, with a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours;

Tail switch to turn on/off; Magnetic control slider switch for different mode switching; Head switch to select desired output mode.

Turbo: 1000 Lumens (Automatically lowers to High Mode after 3 mins continuous use)

High: 600 Lumens (2 hours)

Mid: 300 Lumens (7 hours)

Low: 40 Lumens (42 hours)

Moon Mode: 1 Lumens (300 hours)

Red Light; Green Light; UV-light.

Constant current circuit, constant output

Uses one single 18650 or two CR123A batteries

Working voltage: 2.8~4.2V

Rugged Crenulated Bezel under Emergencies

Low-voltage Protection

Dimensions: 141mm (length) x 32mm (head diameter) x25.4mm (tail diameter)

Weight: 116.6gbattery excluded

Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy material

Military Specification Type III- hard anodized body

Waterproof, in accordance with IPX-8 standard

Accessories: Lanyard ,O-ring