common problem

First, I am such a high-end, multi-function flashlight products, the use of small, will use, the need to pay attention to what matters it?

1. Battery

※ Battery type: Use your flashlight battery type specified in this manual, the use of rechargeable batteries, use rechargeable batteries with protection circuit;

※ Battery replacement: To ensure the performance and safety of use of the flashlight, replace the battery, also replace the same brand, same model, same capacity battery and align the positive and negative;

※ flashlight when unused for long periods, remove the batteries to avoid battery leakage and damage flashlight components.

2. Waterproof circle and lubricants

※ When the factory ring waterproof flashlight will apply the right amount of lubricant to ensure extended service life lubrication waterproof circle, but also more conducive to water. When you find your flashlight water laps at little or no lubricant, spin thread, there are tight feeling,

Please water laps at the right amount daub lubricating oil;

※ occur waterproof flashlight ring wear after long-term use, please replace the package comes with a waterproof ring.

3. Liang highest profile use

When you use the highest gear light, battery discharge, the driving circuit, LED will produce heat, flashlight head have a higher temperature, careful touch; In addition, when using the highest gear light, time does not recommend a continuous light more than ten minutes,

To protect the battery, circuitry and LED, flashlight prolong life.

Second, the flashlight does not work or flickering lights, how to deal with?

1. Check the battery: If the flashlight is not normal lighting or blinking condition occurs, check to see if the battery runs out, and replace the battery;

2, clean the board and the conductive contact surface contacts: If you replace a new battery is still not properly lit, check flashlight circuit the positive and negative contacts, conductive section if there is dirt, and clean with a clean cloth to clean;

3, after the above treatment, if still not lit properly, contact your dealer flashlight, according to the normal warranty process warranty;

Third, how to become a distributor SUNWAYMAN

If you sell products SUNWAYMAN interested, please send your basic information in the form of e-mail sent to mail: info @, SUNWAYMAN company will contact you the first time to discuss the subsequent issues.

You may also recommend that you consider the strength of the local dealer to SUNWAYMAN company, if you recommended seller finally reached a cooperation with SUNWAYMAN company, SUNWAYMAN company will be free to provide you with generous gifts.

Fourth, how to get the latest product information SUNWAYMAN various activities or information?

You can frequently log site of the new channels or news channels to obtain information on new products and all kinds of events; if you prefer, you can also use your regular e-mail to the mailbox: related queries.