LED flashlight flashlight circuit system is one of the most important parts, and charged with driving LED dimming to achieve functional operations.

SUNWAYMAN circuit, the introduction of advanced power management circuit design, stable output drive current, the output flashlight constant throughout the course of their work and not blinking

beam. In order to increase the efficiency and reliability of the circuit, we not only take the most optimized design, selection of the best electronic components, and even spared no expense on all the contact parts of the gold or

They are silver-plated.

In addition, we also added circuitry microcomputer processor, so SUNWAYMAN circuit can adjust the brightness of the flashlight to adapt to different environments. when

When using the same battery, LED drive circuit LED flashlight for all to improve power conversion efficiency and extend battery life plays a vital role. SUNWAYMAN circuit

LED circuit is small and both efficiency and reliability, thus providing a longer time for the circuit SUNWAYMAN flashlight, higher lumen output and better compatibility.



LED (English: Light-Emitting Diode, called LED) is a semiconductor element. At first as a multi-purpose LED display panels; With the emergence of white light emitting diode, it is also used as lighting. LED is widely used in the automotive, aerospace industry, computer television screen, even for home lighting. It is a new source of the 21st century, with a high efficiency, long life, the advantages of relatively easily damaged and other traditional sources can not be with them.

save energy

LED can twenty percent of the input power into light energy, while traditional light bulbs can generally only two percent of the input power is converted to light energy. Thus, LED technology over other alternatives, provides a good energy saving, making it a modern light-emitting device having a cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

long lasting

Principle of the traditional lighting technology is a current through a tungsten filament, making the filament to 2,500 degrees Celsius, the light just a by-product of this process. Due to the inherent inefficiencies in design, light bulbs and soon decline in lumens up to 1000 when it will burn. LED uses a different principle, it is a solid cold light source, epoxy resin, light body and no loose parts, there is no filament light easy to burn, heat deposition, the light fades and other shortcomings, at the right current and voltage life of up to 50,000 hours.

strong and sturdy

LED is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin inside than light bulbs and fluorescent tubes are solid. Light body and no loose parts, so that the LED easily damaged.

Quick lighting

An ordinary light bulb generally takes about 100-300 ms to start专业知识_07.jpg

Dynamic lighting, but LED lights need only a few nanoseconds, thus requiring a high

The application has a significant advantage.

SUNWAYMAN LED technology

SUNWAYMAN high efficiency, ultra-reliable LED driver circuit patent plays an important role in the efficient conversion to LED battery level terms. Therefore, all SUNWAYMAN flashlight has super high output and long running time. When the market most of the LED flashlight or personal lighting products have suffered declining output current situation, SUNWAYMAN products still maintained a high output until the battery runs out.


gongyi.jpg Each SUNWAYMAN flashlight, by light weight, high hardness of aerospace grade aluminum alloy. Unlike most manufacturers use the "tube" material, SUNWAYMAN flashlight housing are made ​​of a single piece segment "rod" drilling, cutting and steel. Since the rod is no small cracks tubular aluminum alloy material bound to exist, so the flashlight processed by the "rod" from having a higher mechanical strength, better cope with adverse environmental conditions (such as car rolled, high-altitude fall drop, etc.). In addition to using high-strength aluminum rod material, all have adopted the SUNWAYMAN flashlight Army regulations three anodized. Army regulations three oxidation treatment can be high strength protective film hardness only to diamond in the aluminum surface, can effectively prevent the torch being scratched, defaced or corrosion.


Our designers in the field of optical design has many years of experience, we designed each one SUNWAYMAN flashlight with a dedicated high-performance metal reflector, so that the soft output flashlight perfect beam, and both long-range and close-lighting. Meanwhile, in order to protect the delicate optical components, specifically for each of us only SUNWAYMAN flashlight equipped with scratch-resistant glass lens coating.

Flashlight reflector cup

One of the outstanding features of LED flashlight long-range reflector cup smooth, glossy reflective cup concentrating effect, allowing flashlight farther, but smooth cup light concentrating effect as well, there will be only a very bright spot in the middle, relatively dark spot around the phenomenon.

LED Flashlight orange surface light the cup prominent feature is the uniform orange surface light the cup on the contrary, the irradiation distance no planar light Cup so far, but because it Gaussian reflection effect, the spot itself than the flat light cup dark spot around than the flat light cup to bright. More suitable for the night, not only as an intermediate planar light cup a light lit.